Everyday Stress and Relationships


Avoiding Relationship Stress

People with high stress lives often choose to remain unattached. They find the process of ending a relationship hurtful. This includes the hurt for their former partner as well as their own pain. Most of these people are very caring. They get into relationships because they want and need to have feelings for others. They do realize their stressful work life is interfering with their home life. That is why they prefer to forego a relationship.

Many of these people find they have still have a need for physical intimacy when they stop dating. They may not want to go through a one night stand phase. Taking the time to go to bars or events and find a partner does not fit their lifestyle. Most would rather have a regular partner, but believe they cannot avoid a relationship. They have a good chance of fulfilling their needs with a fuck buddy. This type of intimate non-relationship will provide them with a partner while staying unattached.

People that become fuck buddies are often living full lives. They may work full time as well as attending school. Some have simply decided to take a break from dating and relationships. They are interested only in satisfying their physical need for intimacy. They do not need or want a significant other. No strings attached sex keeps them happy without being involved in a relationship.

There are many different ways for two people to find each other for this type activity. Some people discover they have friends with the same needs. Others search online until they find a person that suits them. No matter how a person finds their buddy, staying unattached is the goal. Getting personal needs fulfilled is what both people want. They do not need to have a conventional relationship that will add to their already stressful lives.