Everyday Stress and Relationships


Turn off the Electronics

It used to be that families ate dinner together, but many modern ones are only sitting at the same table. People tend to pay more attention to their electronic devices than they do those around them, and it can add to the stress modern couples feel. They are busy responding to texts, looking at pictures, and chatting with friends. Some families have made the rule that everyone must turn off the electronics during a family meal, and many have found it helps them share their day in a good way.

For those who feel life is empty without constant digital connections, it can be difficult to turn them off at first. They might feel their hands pulling them towards their devices, but they need to resist the impulse. It is often a discipline issue, but learning to go without constant interruptions can help anyone’s stress level subside.

Family dinners are a time when people should share what is good in their life, and they can discuss the issues that affect them. For those who have problems that need solutions, the family might be able to offer them. They can also lend their sympathy and support for a family member in need, and it can make it easier to find good solutions that will make life better. These are all good reasons to turn off devices and talk across the table, and many families have found their stress eased by doing it.

Getting everyone to agree that being in the moment together is important might be difficult, but couples who insist on it are only attempting to keep their family relationships from disintegrating. Modern life has many ways to tear families apart, and it is important to give them a firm base. It can help them find ways to make their lives better as a group, and it will give parents an opportunity to find out how their children are coping with the modern world.